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Serving the Lake Tahoe Basin and Carson Valley

ReliaPro has decades of hands-on experience painting various properties, from small starter homes to multi-million dollar Lakefront properties and large industrial buildings. As the top Lake Tahoe painters, we specialize in exceptional custom cabinet and deck painting or staining. Our skilled professionals can handle all your residential or commercial painting needs.

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. Hiring the right painters makes all the difference."

John French -

working with reliapro

Simple workflow. Incredible results.

Get an Estimate
  1. Get an Estimate

    You're in the right place to begin your project! Reach out on either our estimates page or call us at (530)200-9059 to schedule a site visit.

  2. Site Visit

    We'll visit your property to access the complexity of your project, offer our thoughts, and gather insights on your vision.

  3. Paint and materials sourcing

    After the initial site visit, we'll place orders for the paint and/or stain and other materials to complete your project.

  4. Project Begins

    We usually begin around 8am and end around 5pm. Prior to each days departure, we tiddy-up around the job site so that everything is in order and ready to go the following day. We hate messy job sites!

  5. Project Completion

    Once all of the project is completed, we access the quality of our work and make sure that we didn't miss anything. We then clean up the job site as if we were never there.

  6. Exit Evaluation & Final Payment

    We're always looking to improve our process. Once the project is completed, we'll do a full project walk-through and gather your assessment so that we can better serve future clients. Final payment due.

Need Help Choosing Colors?

When choosing the right paint scheme for a house, it's important to consider the architectural style, neighborhood, and personal preference. Balance light and dark shades to create contrast and visual interest.

Color Guide
paint swatches